Zona Digital at HeartBits 2017

November 20, 2017

HeartBits is a 24-hour marathon, organized by ANEM and CeSIUM, where an inter-professional team of 5 elements develops an innovative information product that responds to a current health problem in Portugal. We have participated in building a small educational game for medical students to practice auscultation.

It is a learning-oriented app with the primary purpose of allowing students to practice cardiac auscultation through an interactive question-based game. The game consists of an image of the surface area of a chest where the user can drag or click different areas of the chest, hearing different pathological heart sounds. Based on what the player hears, he/she needs to decide which of the four options displayed on the screen is the corresponding heart or valvular disease.

You can check the final draft here. Be aware that it was developed during the course of 24 hours, so it is naturally on a very embrionary and unstable state.

Zona Digital at HeartBits 2017 Zona Digital at HeartBits 2017 Zona Digital at HeartBits 2017 Zona Digital at HeartBits 2017

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